• Furnace Filters 16x20x1 Merv 8


    Furnace Filters 16x20x1 Merv 8. (12-pack)

    MERV 8 yields high indoor air quality with an exceptional filter that rivals the brand name competition. GREAT VALUE: You pay only $9.42 each! Pay less, get more. Most affordable product of this size! HIGHLIGHTS MERV 8 Lifespan: 2 months Exact...

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    Now: $113.00
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  • 16x20x1-furnace-filter-merv-8


    16x20x1 Furnace Filter Merv 8 Extra. (12-Pack)

    MERV 8: Best selling -- 5 Star Rated with Innovative Technology. Ultimate filter for Canadian homeowners. Offers the best value for price, lifespan, and air quality with brand name reliability. Pay only $12.67 per filter! This second-generation Merv 8...

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    Now: $152.00
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  • 16x20x1-furnace-filter-merv-11


    Furnace Filters 16x20x1 Merv 11. (12-Pack)

    $13 per filter. Furnace filters 16x20x1 MERV 11: High Efficiency -- State of the art filtration capabilities remove allergens, the perfect choice for Canadian homeowners to elevate air quality. Brand name reliability at a low cost: pay only $13 per...

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  • 16x20x1 furnace filter merv 13 aaf

    AAF Flanders

    16x20x1 Furnace Filter Merv 13. (12-pack)

    $14.58/each MERV 13 filter : Highest Efficiency filtration. The PREpleat M13 pleated filter by AAF Flanders has a low initial resistance and supports achievement of LEED® credits by significantly improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)...

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    Now: $175.00
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