Our Story

“Humans that Care” – that’s the mantra owner Jean Nichols had in mind when he created Filtration Montreal back in 2008. The process of ordering furnace filters over the web may involve a computer, but there are people who care behind every transaction to ensure 100 percent customer satisfaction.

In 2006, Nichols had bought a new home. But when it came time to replace the 16x25x4 filter, he had no idea where to turn. The hardware store didn’t carry them, and online retail was still a relatively new concept. He called the furnace contractor only to be told the cost would be more than $40 per filter! Determined to find a lower cost, Nichols did his research.

Jean Nichols started his company with a motto of
“Customer Service is Not Negotiable.”
We still live by that motto today!
Searching for a Solution

In talking with his neighbors, who all had similar townhouses constructed by the same company, he realized they faced the same dilemma. Where could they turn for the hard-to-find 16x25x4 furnace filters that wouldn’t break the bank? The problem was, the four-inch filters –typically found in newer construction -- were not nearly as easy to locate as the one-inch filters Nichols has been using in his old house’s furnace. There had to be a better way. Well, there wasn’t, so Nichols did what any natural-born entrepreneur would do – he created his own company and did it himself.

Getting Started

At first, he sold just to his neighbors by buying filters in bulk and making a little profit. For the first three years of his business, Nichols delivered directly to his customers all around Montreal. But he soon began to realize that in order to grow the business further to include all of Canada, he needed a shipper and he needed to devote more time to building his brand. Word of mouth grew, and he gradually began to expand his reach online, where e-commerce was just ramping up in Canada. He realized, though, that furnace filters weren’t inherently exciting. There had to be a way to stand out above the rest and offer something unique to consumers to get them to keep coming back. He realized that in order to achieve that, he had to put customer service first and foremost.

Customers First

Today, Filtration Montreal enjoys success as the only online store in Canada that offers a variety of filters with free, same-day shipping, all backed by a stellar, no-nonsense customer service policy. As the only authorized residential reseller in Canada for Camfil brand filters, you get a 100 % customer satisfaction guarantee.

Through personalized attention, Filtration Montreal has come full circle from the days of networking with neighbors, seeing that customer-first mentality through from one order to the next.

To learn more about what Filtration Montreal offers or to inquire about the right filter for you, call us at (888) 315-0105.

“Our motto is ‘Customer Service is Not Negotiable.’ That means you get personalized attention every time you place an order with us, request more information, ask a question or leave feedback.”