Why is Camfil 30/30 a Better Choice?

Posted by Michelle Eld on 21st Jun 2016

And what’s the difference between electrostatic filters vs. mechanical filters?Camfil 30/30 furnace filters are a more efficient filter over the big names, plus they cost less too. As the only autho … read more

4 Unexpected Home Maintenance Costs

Posted by Michelle Eld on 6th Jun 2016

So you’re a new homeowner – congratulations! Homeownership can be a wonderful thing. Not only are you building up equity, you are also in charge of your own little piece of the Earth. You don’t get … read more

Top 7 Moving Tips

Posted by Michelle on 27th May 2016

Be sure to ask about the type of furnace in your new home!Are you facing a move in the near future? It’s imperative to be prepared with your organizing and packing, of course, but you shouldn’t neg … read more

3 Ways to Know it's Time for a Furnace Replacement

Posted by Michelle Eld on 18th May 2016

Strange noises…less efficiency…constant on and off cycling…there are many factors that could be contributing to the need for furnace replacement. With the average furnace lasting between 15 and 20 … read more

3 Benefits of Fresh Outdoor Air

Posted by Michelle Eld on 10th May 2016

We talk a lot about indoor air quality here at Filtration Montreal. It’s certainly important, as we spend a vast majority of our time indoors – even when it’s nice out. As a homeowner, you know how … read more