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Secrets of Successful Companies

Posted by Michelle Eld on

We don’t know them all, but we have a few of our own solutions that work!

There are many factors that contribute to how successful – or not – a company can be. Some are obvious, like good marketing strategies, while others are less obvious, like answering the phone in a timely manner or sending follow-up emails to ensure a customer is happy. In general, you want to score high marks in competitive advantage, superior management, and stellar market leadership.

Here at Filtration Montreal, we don’t claim to have all the answers but we DO know what our Canadian customers crave, and that’s personalized attention, low prices, and FAST service. We know our customers could just as easily head to the local Home Depot and walk out of the store with filters in hand (although this isn’t always true…more on this later). Immediate gratification – that’s the one solid advantage brick and mortar stores have over virtual ones.

However, we think that spurs us on to provide two essential offerings to our customers that will make them think twice before visiting the store: FREE shipping and (most times) same-day shipping and next-day arrival. Orders placed via Canada Post in the morning usually ship that same day, arriving on your doorstep the next. Plus, we make it easy on your wallet, too, by offering free shipping. That’s our thanks to you for shopping with us.

We also know it’s true that you won’t always have an easy time finding the furnace filters you need in the home improvement stores. That’s because those stores aren’t very good at stocking a variety of sizes, and are often out of stock of the ones they DO carry. Filters take up a lot of space on their shelves, which limits their ability to put other, more profitable things there for consumers to buy. The result? Your visit to the store for filters could consist of you peering at the shelves, shuffling things around, asking a clueless clerk for the size you need only to be told they don’t have any more in the back. You leave the store with no filters and no patience. Not a good way to spend a Saturday, is it?

Instead, you could take a few minutes to check the size of your existing furnace filters, search our site for the correct size, place your order, pay for it, and get on with your day – all without leaving your living room couch. If you, by chance, order the wrong size or your package doesn’t show up when it’s supposed to (very rare), all you have to do is pick up the phone and call us (we’re real human beings, not a cavernous phone system where robots talk to you incessantly). We’ll get to the bottom of it, rectify it, and make sure you’re happy. Instead of another trip to the store to stand for a half hour in the returns line, you’ve gotten a resolution to your problem with one phone call -- again, from your couch.

Try us today…we guarantee you won’t deal with those big-box stores again. Plus, who doesn’t like free shipping?

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