Air conditioner ice build up

Posted by Michelle Eld on 21st Sep 2020

Air conditioner ice build upExperiencing Ice Build-Up?Top Two Reasons Why Your A/C System is Experiencing Ice Build-Up. Learn How to Correct This Problem Today! Your Air Conditioner Filter is the mo … read more

Air Furnace Filter

Posted by Jean Nichols on 21st Sep 2020

Air Furnace Filter How Often Should I Replace My Air Furnace Filter? ? Leave a marker by the furnace and write the date on the air furnace filter each time you replace it. Most new … read more

Indoor Air Quality

Posted by Jean Nichols on 21st Sep 2020

Indoor Air Quality Learn 6 ways to to improve Indoor Air Quality in your house: 1. Buy houseplants, they are your best friends 2. Open the windows. Exchanged air on a regular basis. 3 … read more

Furnace Filters Ottawa

18th Sep 2020

Furnace Filters, Ottawa! Have you checked on your supply of furnace filters lately? If you need to stock up, now’s the time! We offer incredible deals on all kinds of furnace filters, Ottawa, so … read more