We make it easy to find 12x20x1 furnace filter. Keep more cash in your wallet when you buy online. Your new filters are in stock ready to ship. Comparison and options:
MERV 8 8 11
LIFESPAN 2 months 3 months 3 months
COST PER FILTER $10.75 $13.42 $15.42
PRICE 12-PACK $129 $161 $185
 OVERVIEW  economical  best overall
 remove allergens
at low cost
The higher the MERV rating on a filter, the fewer dust particles and other contaminants can pass through it. 
Camfil makes premium quality filters that are trusted by Canadian health care providers across Canada.


  • 12x20x1 Furnace Filter


    12x20x1 Furnace Filter Camfil AP-3. (12-pack)

    MERV 8 yields high indoor air quality with an exceptional filter that rivals the brand name competition. GREAT VALUE: You pay only $10.75 each! Pay less, get more. Most affordable product of this size! HIGHLIGHTS MERV 8 Lifespan: 2 months Exact size: 11...

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    Now: $129.00
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  • 12x20x1 Furnace Filter Merv 8


    12x20x1 Furnace Filter Camfil 30/30. (12-pack)

    MERV 8: Best selling -- 5 Star Rated with Innovative Technology. Ultimate filter for Canadian homeowners. Offers the best value for price, lifespan, and air quality with brand name reliability. Pay only $13.42 per filter! This second-generation Merv 8...

    Was: $177.00
    Now: $161.00
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  • 12x20x1  furnace filter MERV 11


    12x20x1 Furnace Filter Camfil AP-11. (12-Pack)

    MERV 11: High Efficiency -- State of the art filtration capabilities remove allergens, the perfect choice for Canadian homeowners to elevate air quality. Brand name reliability at a low cost: pay only $15.42 per furnace filter! Most popular option for...

    Was: $204.00
    Now: $185.00
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