4 Unexpected Home Maintenance Costs

Posted by Michelle Eld on 6th Jun 2016

4 Unexpected Home Maintenance Costs

So you’re a new homeowner – congratulations! Homeownership can be a wonderful thing. Not only are you building up equity, you are also in charge of your own little piece of the Earth. You don’t get a manual when you buy a home, outlining all the little things to expect. Just like when the hospital sends you home with your child sans how-to manual, the bank and your real estate agent don’t send you off to your new home with keys and an instruction booklet.

4 Unexpected Home Maintenance Costs

Sure, you know all about the big things to expect – mowing the lawn, painting the house, replacing the roof, paving the driveway every few years. But what about those little things that you get blindsided with after becoming a homeowner? Here are four of them:

1.Critters like to nest in your house. Hear chirping? What about scratching? Your attic and walls are perfect places for critters like chipmunks, birds, mice, squirrels – and dare we say it – snakes to make a home within your home. Not only is there a high creepy factor involved in this, you also have to think about protecting your home: those critters can chew through wires, leave droppings that can make your family sick, and eat through walls. Now you have a double cost of paying to have the critters removed and paying for the damage they cause.

2.Tree roots can strangle your drains. That mighty oak in the front yard may have been a big part of the reason you bought your home. It provides shade, flowers nicely in the fall, and is the perfect spot for a tire swing. However, old, large trees tend to have old, large roots. Those roots can strangle your sewer lines and can cause a whole lot of damage. If you’re experiencing clogs that just won’t quit, you may have to pay for a video camera sewer line inspection by a professional for a non-invasive approach.

3.Your precious energy is going right out the window. Drafty windows and doors are a big culprit when it comes to lost heating and cooling. In fact, this is the #1 reason a home loses its energy, which is why it’s important to keep an eye on your energy bills. If they’re going up and you can’t figure out why, it’s time to caulk the windows or buy energy-efficient ones if yours are old.

4.Filter changes are needed regularly . When at the open house, you likely asked about what type of heating system the home had. But did you ask about what kind of filter the furnace takes? This is an often overlooked aspect of homeownership – of course, until it comes time to replace yours. Keep track of when you replaced the filter the last time, either marking it on the calendar or using an app for convenience. You may have a difficult time finding the one you need at Home Depot. However, at Filtration Montreal, we have all the filters you need all in one place – even the hard to find ones. With us, you get FREE shipping and next day delivery in most cases, plus we keep costs low for you when you buy in bulk. We can make this one part of homeownership a little bit easier on you!