7 Best Reminder Apps

Posted by Michelle Eld on 30th Mar 2016

By now, you know how important it is to change our your furnace filter regularly. For some of you that could be one or two months, while others can get away with three or four months. It all depends on your particular type of filter and the manufacturer recommendations. So, you know about changing or washing those filters and you may even make an effort to do this task on time by scrawling it on your calendar.

But, if you’re like most of us forgetful people, you can never seem to remember to change them when you’re supposed to. Well, there’s an app for that. If you input the change date on your phone, you’ll never forget this necessary chore again. Here are the top 7 reminder apps to check out.

  • 1. Any.DO: Available for for both iOS and Android, this app has an easy-to-use interface with the ability to create location-based reminders and alerts via text or voice command.
  • 2. Wunderlist: This is another simple and easy to use app that utilizes cross-platform, automatic syncing of tasks through all of your devices. You can add notes and sub-tasks to your reminders as well as attach files. This app is great for collaborative task management through the ability to tag your friends.
  • 3. Do It (Tomorrow): A bit different from the other apps, this one doesn’t make you finish off your chores today. It allows you to put them off till tomorrow, which is how most of us operate anyway. With the ability to postpone tasks to the next day, this app also supports cloud syncing and features an easy to use interface.
  • 4. 24me: Yes, this is a to-do list app, but you have the added ability to tag your friends in reminders, set up alerts to pay your bills by tagging companies, and utilize the 24me label system. It features a voice input option and a photo option that allows you to snap photos through the app itself.
  • 5. Clear: If you want simple, Clear is for you. While not exactly feature-rich, this iOS app has a refreshing simplicity that makes it super simple to set up task lists as well as sub task lists. Best part is, there are almost no buttons; rather, it is gesture-based.
  • 6. Calvetica: This is a calendar app that can maintain and manage your reminders through the import of your existing events from the stock Reminders app. It will even sync up with Google Calendar and MS Exchange. Not only can you develop high-detail tasks, you can also create personalized alert sounds and notifications with color-coding options.
  • 7. Timeful: With access to your calendars, you can select things you’d like to be reminded about on a regular basis, such as grocery shop, floss or change your furnace filters. You select how often those reminders should be and when those times come up, you get a push notification. Pretty simple, yet it gets the job done.

With the help of these reminder apps, you can make filter changes super easy. Buy in bulk from us today and you’ll have some in stock when you need them!