Cheap furnace filters

Posted by Michelle Eld on 23rd Dec 2015

Cheap Furnace Filters

Getting the Best Deals on Filters: it’s Easier than you Think!

Buying filters in bulk is an affordable way to stock up and save. However, no matter how affordable your filters are, there’s always a chance to save money – either on the product itself or on free shipping. Many online companies boast low prices on merchandise but gauge you on the shipping costs. That high shipping cost virtually cancels out the deal you may have received on the product. Here at Filtration Montreal, you don’t have to worry about shipping, as it’s always free with Canada Post.


A note on Canada Post packages: Your postal carrier has the option of leaving a package on your doorstep or porch, or not leaving it all if the weather conditions are less than ideal. In most cases, they will leave your filter package at your door but will employ common sense if it’s raining or if your home or business is located on a busy boulevard. High visibility areas that see a lot of traffic are more at risk for having packages stolen than more protected residential areas. You may be better off heading to your local post office to pick up your package in person under those circumstances. Canada Post will always leave a notice of when and where you can pick it up at a time convenient to you.

Cheap furnace filters

While our shipping is free, when it comes to our products, you can get good deals any time of the year if you're diligent about saving. We send out regular coupon codes to our customers letting them know they can save between $10 and $30 off their next order. We usually include a coupon code and deadline to use it by.

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However, say you missed the latest promo code or newsletter and are about to place an order for filters but want to save cash, what do you do? Your best bet is to contact the resellers directly…they may have a unique coupon code for you to use and save big. Most resellers, Filtration Montreal included, would rather give you an opportunity to save money on their products over losing you to a competitor.

We want to keep you as a loyal customer and will do our part to get you to stay. That’s why we’re happy to continue offering coupon codes that keep more money in your pocket. Sign up for our newsletter today!