Energy Facts and Statistics

Posted by Michelle Eld on 15th Aug 2016

Energy Facts and Statistics

As a consumer of energy, and especially as a homeowner, you likely know the value of keeping those costs down in order to save the environment in addition to the contents of your wallet. We thought it would be fun to let you in on some interesting facts and stats about energy usage in Canada.

  • Save up to 40 percent in energy costs by using a variable speed heat pump.
  • Boost your home’s efficiency by 30 percent by ensuring you have adequate insulation and by sealing air leaks.
  • The Romans were the fist people to use a warm-air heating system for their homes and other gathering spaces.
  • In 2000 BC, it was the Chinese who refined the use of crude oil for lighting and heating. Today, many furnaces in Canada run on oil.
  • The top three commercial energy uses in the country include: lighting, space heating and space cooling.
  • In homes, the top uses for residential energy include: space heating, electronics and lighting, water heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration.
  • Mechanical filters over electrostatic ones gives homeowners the most value thanks to maximum dust retention, high performance and lower cost.
  • Beware filter companies that promise a one-year life span. Nothing can trap dust and dirt for one year straight without being replaced. The unit may still technically work, but what particles are making it through that clogged filter?
  • HVAC efficiency can be affected by the type of refrigerant you’re using as well as any recent upgrades you may have made.
  • The most common type of heating system used by Canadian households is the furnace, followed by electric baseboard heating and boilers, with small percentages of households using heating stoves or electric radiant heating.

Energy Facts and Statistics

  • The most efficient energy-saving practices include:
  1. The use of smart programmable thermostats
  2. The use of compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs)
  3. Using cold water for laundry
  4. Turning off all electronics when not in use to prevent phantom energy
  5. Air drying dishes and clothing in the summer months
  6. The use of light dimmers
  7. Sealing off vents and doors to rooms that do not require heating and cooling
  8. Closing blinds during summer days
  • Changing your furnace filters and AC filters as requested by your manufacturer will help encourage air flow and lead to more efficient operation. If you see that your filter is still relatively see-through and white-ish gray, you can probably get another month out of it. If it’s black and packed with dirt, it’s time for a change.

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