Save on Custom Furnace Filters

Posted by Michelle Eld on 5th Jan 2016

Got a Custom Filter and Hate It? We’ve Got a Solution for You

Those custom furnace filters are a pain to not only locate in the first place but install as well. Not everyone has a standard size furnace with filter sizes that are readily available. Perhaps your home was custom built or the contractor got a good deal on a particular odd size furnace unit. Or maybe the previous owners had their filters custom made for whatever reason. Doesn’t matter why, all that matters is the inconvenience and hassle this poses for you every time you have to change them out!

Got a Custom Filter and Hate It? We’ve Got a Solution for You

You have a few options if you are the owner of a furnace that needs custom filters and odd sizes. You could buy standard ones, cut them down and reattach to the adjusted frames. This is the most time consuming and nonsensical option, of course. Who has time to do this? Not to mention, it’s hard to do this the right way without compromising the integrity of the filter itself.

Another option is to search online like a mad person every time you need to place an order trying to find the right size. However, this is definitely the most stressful option because as you well know, sometimes you find what you want, sometimes you don’t. If you are stuck for the right filters, you have to go longer with the existing ones, which means they’re not really doing their job.

One other option is to spend a little more and purchase a custom made reusable, washable filter once and never have to buy one again. Be religious about cleaning the filter each month or whenever the manufacturer’s directions say to, then simply put it back in.

Your last option – and one we think would solve your problem once and for all – is to hire an HVAC contractor to change your filter air cleaner or box and convert it to a popular size like 16x25x4. You’ll never again have to scour the Internet and stores looking for a custom made filter. While the cost may seem like a lot up front, you’ll save yourself in hassle, stress, and money over the long term by switching to a standard furnace filter size.

It’s worth a call to your contractor to find out how much it would cost to convert your furnace filter air cleaner or box. It may not be as much as you think! This is your best option for peace of mind and hassle-free filter ordering. Filtration Montreal has a variety of different sizes for furnaces. Just check here and you’ll see just how many we offer.

Let us know about your experience if you choose to go this route with a contractor. We’d love to hear about it!