Effective Customer Retention Tips

Posted by Michelle Eld on 6th Aug 2016

How can companies attract and retain their customers?

Success is measured much more by how a company treats its customers than in its bottom line. All the riches in the world can’t make up for poor customer service and inaccessibility. In fact, Entrepreneur says that the hallmark of a successful company is one that has a rich understanding of its customers by responding to people rather than situations.

How can companies attract and retain their customers?

It’s this philosophy that drives Filtration Montreal too. Do we offer superior products at affordable prices? Yes. Do we give you easy ways to order,  FREE shipping and quick delivery? Absolutely. But more than that, we are accessible to our customers every single day and truly care about the experience you have with us. Good, bad or ugly, we want our customers to tell us what they think. And there are many ways we go about that.

Not only can you connect with us on a variety of social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to name a few – you can sign up for monthly newsletters and emails that keep your finger on the pulse of our company. As an online company with no brick and mortar store, we rely on our fast and free shipping, reviews and online coupon codes to keep you up to date on what’s going on and how you can save.

You’ve probably noticed many online companies showing off their low prices on merchandise only to gauge you on the shipping costs. Basically, that high shipping cost cancels out the “deal” you got on the product. You won’t get that with us here at Filtration Montreal, where you get great bulk deals on furnace filters PLUS free shipping with Canada Post. For instance, we send out regular coupon codes to you advising you of how to save between $10 and $30 off your next order.

With us, you don’t have to wait days or even weeks until that box shows up at your front door. With us, if you order in the morning, you’ll get your package the next day in most cases. See? We put convenience at the forefront of all we do so that you’re satisfied with the way the process works.

Sometimes, however, we do all we can to ensure your happiness yet something still goes wrong. We’re not afraid to say we’re wrong. We’re not afraid to fix our mistakes. Even if the mistake wasn’t ours, we’ll take it on the chin and do what we can to make it right. That’s because, in our eyes, the customer truly is always right. Here at Filtration Montreal, we do indeed offer you the very best products at the best prices – all accessible online with no hassle of going to Home Depot and searching in vain for the exact furnace filter you need.

That’s all true. However, we wouldn’t be here without YOU, so thank you for your continued support. Get in touch today to tell us how we’re doing. Order some filters. Catch up with our latest products. We’d love to hear from you!