How to save money on furnace filters

8th Apr 2014

How to save money on furnace filters

5 Tips for Saving Money and TimeIt isn’t a conspiracy, but it is a mystery: Why can’t nine out of ten Canadians find air filters for the furnaces we own, near where we live or work? 

It’s understandable, we suppose, for those living in the hinterlands. But even in Montreal and Toronto looking for the air filters you need can become a time-consuming, gas-guzzling pain in the posterior.

How to save money on furnace filters

Clean Air filters for furnaces are crucial to good indoor health

Replacing your air filters on a frequent basis keeps allergy- and asthma-prone people safer while keeping everyone else comfortable. Breathing quality, well-filtered air just makes sense, since it has been reported that indoor air is customarily several times dirtier than outdoor air. (Just what we need to know as we cross our thresholds after a busy day, right? Our castle, our sanctuary, is belching toxins at us!) 

Buy air filters for your furnace online—save time, money, gasoline 

Be sure to buy the exact size air filter your furnace requires. Leaving spaces or gaps allows pesky particles to blow around the filters and into your nose and lungs. (Ewww!) 

Buy in bulk—you know you’ll be using them all (and maybe you’ll even use them more often so your home stays healthier!)

Air filters for your furnace come in packs of 6, 12 and 24. Purchased in bulk this way, they’re a thrifty, convenient way to treat your family to a healthier environment. 

Buy Canadian—Avoid U.S. Customs taxes 

This is a no-brainer. Support the Canadian economy by buying Canadian products. You’ll save money, and the money you do have to spend will go into another Canadian’s wallet. Just another easy-as-pie way to keep more of your hard-earned cash! When you do find the quality air filters for your furnace online at a price that’s fair and with delivery that’s fast, LIKE and SHARE the good news abundantly on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest with your Canadian comrades! 

Remember, nine out of ten of your neighbors are having the same dickens of a time you’ve had locating a reliable source for their furnace filters. Let them in on your discovery. They’ll thank you for it!