outdoor fresh air

Posted by Michelle Eld on 10th May 2016

3 Benefits of Fresh Outdoor Air

We talk a lot about indoor air quality here at Filtration Montreal. It’s certainly important, as we spend a vast majority of our time indoors – even when it’s nice out. As a homeowner, you know how important it is to change your furnace filters regularly and keep your home clean to reduce allergens and pollutants. There are several benefits to having clean indoor air, but what about the outdoors?Let’s get outside and talk about the untold benefits of getting fresh air on a daily basis to clear out the lungs and get a new perspective. Here are three benefits of fresh outdoor air to consider now that spring’s in full swing and summer is on its way.

outdoor fresh air

  • Improved health of our children. Kids are spending seven hours or more in school and two hours less on sports and outdoor activities each week than they did just 20 years ago, points out Prevention. In addition, annual family vacations have decreased by nearly 30 percent in that same time period. Indoor living doesn’t do too much good for our kids. Studies show that children who spend time outdoors in green spaces have lower stress levels, succeed more in school, and experience fewer ADHD symptoms. Because sunlight triggers the skin to create Vitamin D, being in the outdoors can help fight cancer and depression.
  • Immunity booster. Being inside all the time, whether at home, school, work or in the mall, puts you in close proximity with other people and their germs. Just taking a brisk walk outside can improve your immune system. That’s because research shows exercise increases natural killer cells which in turn increases immune function. A better immune system means you get sick less often, which means you’re taking less time off work and school, and feeling more productive on a daily basis. Couple outdoor exposure with a solid diet and exercise plan and you’ll be golden.
  • Mood elevator. Just think how you feel on a really beautiful day. You can’t wait to soak up the sun, take a walk and just breathe. That’s because the sun, as well as scents in the air, make us feel better psychologically as well as physically. For instance, flowers like lavender and jasmine have been found to lower anxiety and elevate mood, while pine trees can decrease stress and increase relaxation. Freshly cut grass makes you feel happy and more in tune with nature. Some scientists suggest these smells remind us of the color green, which is linked with the growth of both the plants and animals that we need to eat, says HuffingtonPost.

Now that you know the many benefits of fresh outdoor air, get out there and enjoy life! Oh, and don’t forget to share the reasons why you love the outdoors with us here at Filtration Montreal – your source of furnace filters in Canada.