Sick and Tired of Waiting?

Posted by Michelle Eld on 6th Apr 2016

Sick and Tired of Waiting?

We know how busy you can get. Between important meetings at work, driving the kids to after-school activities, getting to class and making dinner, it’s easy to get frustrated with the tedium of it all. For all the “stuff” we do, we sure do a lot of waiting around in this life, don’t you agree? Today’s blog will touch on how much time we all spend waiting…and waiting…and waiting.

Sick and Tired of Waiting?

On average, we as Canadians spend:

  • Two years of our lives waiting in line (you’d better start banking online and seriously re-considering waiting in line at Disney World)
  • 43 days of our lives on hold with phone calls (death by elevator music)
  • 27 days of our lives standing around for a bus or a train
  • Six months of our lives stopped at red lights (seen anything interesting at a red light lately?)
  • Up to 61 hours a year in traffic (good reason to telecommute)
  • 2,372 hours catching ZZZs each year
  • 1,460 hours each year viewing television (Netflix anyone?)
  • 1,000 hours each year on the Internet
  • 1,097 minutes each year brushing teeth (don’t forget to floss!)
  • 43 hours each year working out
  • 238 hours each year eating (ironic that it’s more than five times the figure for exercising)
  • 208 hours each year cleaning (this is a great argument for hiring a cleaning service)
  • 36 hours per year laughing (this should be higher, no?)
  • 120 hours each year on quality time with the kids (same with this one)

The biggest irony of all is that we spend about six months of our lives waiting in waiting rooms. From the doctor to the dentist, we are a country chock full of waiters. Take a moment to really think about what else you waste your time waiting for: finding a parking spot at the mall, getting a table at a restaurant, waiting to use a public restroom stall, waiting to purchase a dog and a beer at the ball game…it boggles the mind how much time these activities take up.

Shouldn’t we all be doing something more productive? Like caring, laughing, loving, enjoying, and entertaining rather than aimless waiting?

Here at Filtration Montreal, that’s one thing we don’t make you do is wait. When you place an order for furnace filters with us, we ship your package that same day in most cases – and it arrives at your door the next day. All with free, fast shipping. So check that off your list of aimless waiting. There’s a lot you could do while waiting for those filters to arrive. Maybe have a snack…laugh at a joke…play a card game with your kids…what will YOU do?