Why You Should Buy Generic Furnace Filters

Posted by Michelle Eld on 15th Feb 2017

Why You Should Buy Generic Furnace Filters

Many of us buy generic products every single day, from paper towels and tissues to cereal and laundry detergent. The price difference can be huge, saving you lots of money each week at the grocery store. Most of us don’t notice a difference in quality, and those of us who do can tolerate it in the interest of saving cash.

However, when it comes to generic furnace filters, there really is no difference in quality. The OEM filter is made by the brand name manufacturer, while the generic equivalent (also known as after-market product) is not usually created by that manufacturer but crafted to fit and perform as well as the OEM.

You likely won’t notice any discernible difference in air quality, but the price difference is sure hard to miss. Let’s take the Carrier brand, for instance. We offer Carrier Generic, which goes for about $120 for a three-pack. If you were to buy the same three pack in the Carrier original brand, you’d pay upwards of $150. Same quality, lower price. It’s a no-brainer.

Likewise, we carry a Trion Air Bear Generic three-pack for about $114, but the original manufacturer price is at least $135.

The stark truth is that OEM filters can be up to 60 percent more expensive than their generic counterparts. That’s because OEM filters emerge into the market through a long supply chain, with many middlemen (distributors, retailers, etc.) involved in that process that hike up the price.

Why You Should Buy Generic Furnace Filters

The generic version doesn’t have to go through so many hoops. You’re getting essentially the same material for less money. That said, while the material may look exactly the same as the brand name, it could differ just a bit due to availability or patents involved. In terms of contaminant reduction, both types of filters are design to filter particles from the air, depending on their MERV ratings. Even generic versions have a MERV rating, which is really the most important component of choosing the right type of filter for you.

By the same token, you also don’t have to use a filter that’s made by the same company as your furnace. All the filters we sell at Filtration Montreal can be used interchangeably with your furnace, whether brand name or generic. What’s really important in achieving a good fit here is size. As long as you purchase the same SIZE of filter, it doesn’t matter what BRAND you use.

We carry Camfil US made premium filters, which can replace any brand name such as Carrier, Lennox, White Rodgers and Trane. One drawback of generic, though, is that not all sizes are always available. Manufacturers are catching on and making up "strange" sizes to get you to buy through them.

Filtration Montreal still sells a variety of brand name furnace filters if that’s what you prefer, such as Camfil, Honeywell, Venmar and GeneralAire.

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