Why Buy Furnace & Filters Now?

Posted by Michelle Eld on 30th Aug 2016

Why You Should Start Shopping for a New Furnace (and Filters!) Now

It’s barely the beginning of September. The temperatures are still mild, you’re still wearing flip flops and shorts, and you just dusted off your dancing shoes for that all-important annual ritual: the kids go back to school! So why is now the best time to start shopping for a furnace? Well, there are many reasons.

First off, this is the time when HVAC contractors are in between their busy seasons: they’re just winding down from the hectic days of summer and fixing or installing air conditioners, and they’re gearing up for the fall furnace inspections. Wait till late fall, early winter to purchase and install a new furnace and you will likely have a difficult time securing the appointment you want. You may have to get in line behind others while you wait for demand to die down.

By purchasing before the busy winter season hits, you can also be guaranteed the biggest selection at the stores. You don’t want to have everything to be picked over when you wait till the last minute. One more benefit: you can take your time to research the best kind of furnace for your needs, such as an energy-efficient model that can meet the demands of your family while saving you money. Side note: While considering which furnace to choose, you should also look into what type and size furnace filter you need to go with it. Remember that odd sizes can be extremely hard to find. Luckily, you have Filtration Montreal to count on, with a wide selection of furnace filters throughout the year at an affordable cost so you can save money. 

Why You Should Start Shopping for a New Furnace (and Filters!) Now

Speaking of furnace filters, now’s also the time to stock up on your orders so you can have enough in storage for when you need them. Some of our sizes come in six packs, others in 12. The point is to be prepared. And with free shipping, you can’t go wrong.

Back to the furnace shopping…how do you know if you need a new one? If your energy bills have slowly been increasing, you unit could be on its way out because it’s not working as efficiently as it should. Or maybe you’re hearing strange noises coming from the unit, which could indicate a slow or worn motor belt, a leak or cracked heat exchanger.

When hitting the stores for an updated model, be sure to bring along measurements so the new unit will easily fit in the designated space. Do your research on cost, too. According to Home Advisor, most homeowners spend between $2,300 and $5,500 for a new furnace. If you spot a more expensive model that meets energy efficiency standards, you may qualify for helpful tax rebates, so don’t just automatically go with the cheap model to save cash. Find out which type of filter it uses – this is very important!

Give us a call or peruse our website for the right filter for you. How to find size of furnace filter