Can i run my furnace without a filter?

Posted by Michelle Eld on 16th Jan 2017

Can i run my furnace without a filter?

You Ran Out of Filters: Now What? …And other problems faced by Canadian homeowners

While you usually pride yourself on stocking up on furnace filters well in advance in case you need them, this time you just plain forgot. It’s understandable, what with all you have going on between work, school and the kids. If your filter is dirty and you can’t remember the last time you changed it, it’s imperative to place a filter order with us as soon as possible. We can get a new box out to you within a day or two with free shipping, which you already know.

However, what do you do in the meantime? Well, it’s better to run your furnace with no filters for a couple of days than to use extremely dirty ones. Leaving in a clogged filter will do no benefit to your system or home, but it could decrease the efficiency of the unit so that it has to work harder than usual. A dirty filter can also exacerbate health problems like asthma and allergies plus it could damage the furnace. With no filter in place, the only downside is the dust will circulate through the home. However, the act of having no filter will NOT damage the furnace itself.

While we don’t recommend doing this year round, of course, a couple of days won’t cause harm. Then, once you get your new filters, mark the date of installation on your calendar or phone and set up alerts so you know in advance when you’ll need new ones.

Another problem facing homeowners and their furnace filters is failure to remember the size. If this has happened to you, write down the size next time and keep it with your passwords for safe keeping. For now, though, you’ll have to re-measure. Take a tape measure to the filter box and write down the measurement in fractions of inches. Shop for ¼ or ½ inches smaller in order to achieve a perfect fit. Learn all about Furnace Filters Sizes on our website.

Can i run my furnace without a filter

It’s best to get the fit right the first time. If you order the wrong size by accident, you’re responsible for returning the product to us in exchange for the correct size. Need help? Call us first.

Yet another challenge is putting the filter in the wrong way . The dirt should not be accumulating on the metal mesh side of the media; if that is happening, you put it in wrong. Switch it. Then draw an arrow in Sharpie on the furnace duct indicating “air flow” just as it is mentioned on the filters. Next time, you will know without hesitation!

Go check your stock of furnace filters now…all out? Order some today and get them in the next day or two.