Indoor Air Quality

Posted by Jean Nichols on 21st Sep 2020

Indoor Air Quality indoor-air-quality

Learn 6 ways to to improve Indoor Air Quality in your house:

1. Buy houseplants, they are your best friends

2. Open the windows. Exchanged air on a regular basis.

3. Vacuum your ducts and registers.

4. Prevent mould growth in the basement, buy a dehumidifier.

5. Replace your furnace filter every 3 months by a anti-allergen or high efficiency filter.

6. Store chemicals outside

Eliminating the source of pollution, is the most effective way to improve indoor air quality. We all know smoking habit should be moved outdoors, what about those source:

- Cooking. An exhaust fan can expel gases and moisture from cooking

- Your vacuum, is it equipped whit a HEPA filter?

- Gas appliances like: stove, hot water tank and furnace or oil furnace, they all release Carbon Monoxide, are they in good condition? Do you have a Carbon Monoxide detector?

- Select no-VOC or Volatile Organic Compound paint next time you want to refresh walls and ceilings.
- Your chimney is it inspected every fall?
- Using candles and incense, when burning, they release products of conbustions