Does AC help with allergies ?

13th May 2014

Does AC help with allergies ?

Change Your Air Conditioner Filter Regularly to Avoid Summer Allergy Flare Ups

Does AC help with allergies ?Don’t get sidelined by allergies this summer. As an allergy sufferer, you probably dread this season because of all the pollen and other irritants in the air. When those allergies flare up, retreat to your home’s oasis and enjoy top-quality air filtration thanks to your Furnace Filters Canada air conditioner filter. There are some ways you can get through summer allergy season without giving up your comfort and health. Check out these tips for making the most of your air conditioner filter:

6 Ways to Make Your Air Conditioner Filter Work for You This Summer

  1. Keep the windows closed and crank up your air conditioning. Rely on your Camfil filter to screen those indoor allergens, without the added workload of dust and dirt from outdoors. It’s especially important to do this when there’s construction going on in your neighborhood or when you live in a congested area with lots of exhaust from cars.
  2. Keep pets off the furniture, and especially off your bed. Pet dander and fur can really do a number on your allergies. Change your filters more often if you have dogs and cats.
  3. Replace your air conditioner filter more often during the height of allergy season because it will be packed with allergens. The dirtier your filter is, the less effective it will be against dirt and dust. The last thing you want is for those harmful allergens to get redistributed back through the home.
  4. Consider replacing your carpeting with hardwood or tile flooring, as carpeting can trap and collect dust and dirt that trigger summer allergies.
  5. Use an allergen alert app on your smart phone to get notifications when allergens are at their highest. Additionally, many websites have daily alerts you can check to find out when the pollen counts are at their worst. Avoid going outside during those peak times of the day. Generally, pollen counts are highest on warm, breezy mornings and lowest on cool, rainy days, so take this into account when planning your schedule.
  6. Invest in a filter that has a higher MERV rating for increased efficiency. However, while this may certainly help, it won’t perform miracles. Many companies will boast higher MERV ratings to provide allergen reduction. The truth is, it’s much more effective to change your filter on a regular basis, no matter what the rating.

Your best defense is to keep up with a regular filter replacement schedule. Generally, the thicker your filter, the longer it lasts. By doing this, you can ensure an enjoyable summer that won’t leave you sneezing and miserable!

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