Merv 11 furnace filters

Posted by Michelle Eld on 19th Oct 2016

Merv 11 furnace filtersGet $15 OFF Today, Use Code: MERV In the world of filter ratings, MERV is the accepted system used by most manufacturers and re-sellers. Short for Minimum Efficiency R … read more

FAQs of Ordering Filters

Posted by Michelle Eld on 7th Oct 2016

FAQs of Ordering Filters Furnace filters probably don’t cross your mind until you need to change one out and realize you have none left. Then, that’s all you can think about: how can I get furna … read more

MPR vs MERV: Choose Wisely!

Posted by Michelle Eld on 26th Sep 2016

MERV Ratings vs. MPR vs. FPRIntroductionThere are lots of acronyms out there to describe filter ratings, and they can all be a little confusing. MERV... MPR... FPR. What do they all mean, and how do t … read more

What Does MERV 8 Mean?

Posted by Michelle Eld on 13th Sep 2016

What Does MERV 8 Mean It might sound like a name for your old uncle who’s always the life of the party, but MERV actually refers to an efficiency rating for furnace filters. It stands for … read more

Why Buy Furnace & Filters Now?

Posted by Michelle Eld on 30th Aug 2016

Why You Should Start Shopping for a New Furnace (and Filters!) Now It’s barely the beginning of September. The temperatures are still mild, you’re still wearing flip flops and shorts, and you just … read more