Honeywell vs. Filtrete Air Filters

Posted by Michelle Eld on 24th Nov 2016

When choosing the best brand of furnace filter for your home, you may come up against a variety of options that confuse you. Does brand really matter? And where does MERV come into it all? In the end, the one you choose will depend on your filtration and air quality needs. As a typical residential home owner, you’re fine with a MERV rating (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) of 7 to 12, which removes particles like pollen, dust, and bacteria from the air.

When it comes to brand, you may be considering between Honeywell and Filtrete: two respected manufacturers that have many benefits between them.Let’s take a look at both:

Filtrete filters utilize carbon to get rid of odors that originate from food, pets, and smoke. Lasting in general about three months, Filtrete filters give you a high level of air filtration quality due to their ability to capture microscopic allergens. This type of filter uses electrostatically charged fibers, utilizes an effective odor removing carbon filter perfect for homes with odors originating from pets, and are designed to work with homes equipped with forced-air heating and cooling systems.

Honeywell filters are considered higher-efficiency and are thus more effective in cleaning the air. They also last longer too, averaging about four to six months of use for a typical MERV 11 rated product. They filter particles likebacteria, microscopic allergens, pollen, smoke, mold spores, disintegrated feces, insecticide dust, and pet dander. Honeywell filters are thicker than most, and are up to 60 times more productive than standard one-inch fiberglass filters.

Featuring a strong pleated material, this filter is easy to install and fit to your furnace. And with improved dust retention capacity, moisture resistant qualities, and a sturdy wire-backed frame, you can’t go wrong with a Honeywell furnace filter for your home. Here at Filtration Montreal, we happen to think the Honeywell filter is superior over the Filtrete for these reasons and more.

Order some today and you’ll see what we mean. Check out our inventory of Honeywell furnace and humidifier filters, and stock up for winter. We would love to hear your feedback on the quality of these filters!

We also very proud of our Camfil 30x30 filters, one of our most popular brands. We love it because of its superior dust retention (it’s a mechanical filter rather than electrostatic so it’s more effective in capturing dirt over its lifespan), its high performance abilities, and its affordable price compared with brand name filters. If you’ve tried Filtrete, Honeywell or Camfil and have an opinion as to which is the best for you, let us know!